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We have been collaborating with different entities for years to develop virtual ecosystems around their community, using an innovative methodology and technology that helps them achieve strategic objectives and challenges.

What benefits does it bring?

For smart cities and sustainable territories
You can build a network of organizations and professionals, allowing them to communicate, share information and generate opportunities in your territory or city.
To develop specialized poles
Based on the potential and interest of a territory or organization, its strategic ecosystems can be developed, in different areas such as entrepreneurship, smart tourism, Industry 4.0, smart local commerce and any other ecosystem that you want to promote.
For networks, clusters and associative entities
A personalized space for your community to communicate, collaborate, learn, participate and develop collaborative projects.


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What do experts and promoters think about this environment?

EWA / EIT Food
Sustainability ecosystems and SDGs
The platform for women entrepreneurs in the world of agri-food, launched by the European Union body EIT FOOD, provides shelter for the most outstanding projects in the sector.
Ecosystems of socio-economic participation
A new way of connecting with the community, accessing knowledge and stimulating collaboration between more than 2,000 people and organizations interested in the business ecosystem of Bizkaia.
Centro Formación Somorrostro
Innovation and learning ecosystems
Somorrostro Alumni Training Center is a digital community aimed at former students, and all the people who contribute to the growth of the teaching center, creating and strengthening links between all of them, promoting participation and collaboration activities, and making resources available to all. their professional development.
Somos Emprende Network
Ecosystems of entrepreneurship and collaboration
Initiative promoted by the Junta de Andalucía, to connect and provide a telework environment for the Andalusian entrepreneurial ecosystem, with about 8,000 people.
Enkarterri Green
Rural development
Initiative promoted by driving entities of a region closely linked to sustainability and rural development, in which it is committed to an evolution towards the competitiveness of the territory while maintaining and strengthening local development.
Bike Innovation Hub
Smart tourism
The platform designed to promote synergies between professionals dedicated to promoting bicycles. Both in the field of cycling and active mobility in cities.
Oneida / Modacc
Cluster networks
The Cluster de la Moda de Catalunya (Modacc) created the ONEIDA digital community as a cooperative R & D & I hub, where companies in the sector interact.
Industry association networks
The Spanish Federation of Advertising Agencies has more than 200 companies in the sector, which have in La Fede Network a space where they can dialogue, do business and defend their corporate interests.
Associative networks
Spanish Association of Environmental Control Companies, with more than 150 partners throughout Spain, which has created an intelligent environment where they can share knowledge, manage collaborative projects, and stay up-to-date on important information.